About us


Valgofix is part of Podobrace B.V. and was developed by a team of therapists and specialists who still believe in helping people. All of our physiotherapists, manual therapists, podopostural therapists and podiatrist are connected to various professional societies and associations, such as the Omni Podo Genootschap. 

Our specialists are available every day to provide you with objective advice for your specific needs, ensuring that you will wear the Valgofix correctly.

The combination of expertise and personal advice is the reason why Valgofix has meanwhile become Europe’s number one toe corrector. With tens of thousands of orders in Europe each year, we have been renowned for our optimum service, reliability and fast delivery for over 35 years. But what makes us stand out above all, is the fact that we always put our customers first. 

The effectiveness of Valgofix has been scientifically proven. The customer always comes first! 

Thankfully, our customers hold these values in high esteem as well. We thank our lucky stars for receiving such good reviews and high praise from our customers. The satisfaction of our customers has led to us lifting both the Rabobank Entrepreneur Award and the Webshop Award! And while we are obviously very happy to have received both these awards, the happiness of our customers is the real reason we’re doing this. After all, that is where Podobrace B.V. started from! There is nothing more rewarding than being able to actually help people, which is why we hope we can do this for many more years to come. With the Valgofix, for example. Helping people is what Podobrace B.V. stands for. 


The 35 years of experience were gained at two practices in Volendam. This is where Rob Duin (one of the founders of Podobrace B.V.) and his fellow therapists have been treating people with the most diverse physical symptoms.

And after almost 35 years, the basic principles of Podobrace B.V. are still observed each and every day. Podobrace B.V. strives to achieve optimum service, reliability and above all top-notch quality for each and every one of its customers and patients. All products on stock have been selected by our professional experts, specialists and therapists from a wide range of offers, such with the highest degree of care and professional know-how. Our products have been extensively tested by top (professional) athletes as well as in our practices in the Netherlands. This knowledge and expertise, from various medical perspectives, and our many years of experience enable us to guarantee the superior quality and efficacy of all of our products. 

And if you are looking for independent, honest and professional advice from one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us at +3185 2010818, so that we can be of service as quickly as possible. Our team of specialists is always eager to help. 

Convince yourself and experience the difference with Valgofix, part of Podobrace B.V.