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Valgofix, Number #1 Hallux Valgus Corrector Package!

Looking for the best solution to prevent your toes from rotating inwards or do you suffer any of the conditions below and are you looking for effective corrective treatment? For your convenience, Valgofix has selected the best products to counter bunions and combined them into a duo package for an even greater discount! These products are chosen by specialists and considered to be the best solution, so that surgery may be avoided.


The Valgofix is proven to be effective with among other things:

  • Bunion (lump on the big toe)
  • Malposition of the big toe
  • Hallux Valgus
  • Calluses

Causes of Bunion (Hallux Valgus) and misalignment of the big toe

  • People with flat feet have a higher chance to suffer from misalignment of the big toe
  • Poor-quality shoes, tight-fitting shoes and high-heeled shoes
  • Hallux Valgus can be hereditary
  • Nerve damage

What material is the Valgofix bunion corrector made of?

The Hallus Valgus Valgofix is made of high-quality hypoallergenic silicone with a unique anti-slip finishing which makes the Valgofix exceptionally long-lasting.

The Valgofix toe corrector fits every shoe!

The renewed Valgomed is a comfortable and cheap solution for malposition, lump toes and Hallux Valgus and fits every shoe! It is highly comfortable and will directly improve the alignment of the big toe.

Benefits of the Valgofix bunion corrector

  • 1. Made of the best materials
  • 2. Better than any other aid
  • 3. Proven to be effective
  • 4. Fast results
  • 5. Always fits




For which toe symptoms will the Valgofix Bunion Corrector provide relief?

  • Inflammation and swellings of the big toe (bursitis)
  • Strain symptoms at the front of the foot
  • Valgus deformity of the big toe
  • Pain when walking
  • Flat feet

What does the Valgofix toe corrector do?

  • Reduces pain in the toe joints/first metatarsal bone (bunion pain)
  • Remedies and reduces misalignment of the big toe
  • Reduces the strain on the front section of the foot
  • Prevents valgus deformation of the toe joint
  • Remedies and prevents pain when walking

How to use the Valgofix Package?

In order to get rid of Hallux Valgus, bunions and misalignments of the big toe, it is important to wear the Valgofix toe corrector every day (and maybe night) for at least 7 to 9 hours. You’ll be able to see results within 3 weeks.



In addition we advice Hallux Valgus exercises.


The Hallux Valgus exercise sling is specially developed to counter bunions effectively by doing corrective exercises aimed at loosening the soft tissue around the bone. Watch below for the best Hallux Valgus exercises and for an explanation about the use of the sling.




Results from using the Valgofix Hallux Valgus toe corrector package

Before treatment of Hallux Valgus

After treatment with the Valgofix

  • "I've had years of Hallux valgus complaints, nothing helped and because of Valgofix I finally got rid of the pain! "
    Tina Overbeek, Tilburg, Holland
  • " By a tilt of my big toe I got all kinds of problems with my foot, especially wearing shoes was a disaster. The Valgofix I can finally wear my favorite shoes again, Thank you!"
    Christien Backemeijer, München, Germany
  • "My big toe grew more and more inwards, which did include much pain. The Valgofix corrected the position of my toe and now I'm finally pain and symptom-free after a few weeks!"
    K. Lewis, Manchester, England
  • "Because of my toes I suffered from corns between my toes. Since I bought the Valgofix I have no more problems, thank you!"
    Thomas Harris, Oxford, England
  • "I had trouble with my toes because they were so close together. So I suffered from blisters between my toes. Since Valgofix I have no more trouble, many thanks!"
    Henk-Jan Verlaat, Brugge, Belgium